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Hello, I’m Bahar


Love, Listen & Live.


Storyteller | UX Designer| Ex- Architect!

I'm Bahar

I'm a creative product designer and storyteller with a rich background spanning over 6 years in both Architecture and Content Creation. My journey is a fusion of design and architecture, driven by a passion for enhancing lives through thoughtful and intuitive human-centered design.

I love collaborating with others, bringing empathy into play to solve complex challenges. 

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I am not only a   pRODUCT desigNER,

I'm also a  Digital storyteller!

Each day, I immerse myself in conversations with strangers, interpreting their reactions and weaving their stories into my creative pursuits, all captured on my Instagram and YouTube platforms. It goes beyond sharing the daily challenges and triumphs; it's about connecting with those who value continuous learning and aspire for more.

My mission is to design in a way that inspires and empowers people especially women worldwide, offering a profound sense of satisfaction that goes beyond expectations, resonating on a deeper, more meaningful level.

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