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Back Story!

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I worked really hard to get admission and came to the US as an immigrant from Iran to build my dreams.

I've always been curious and took advantage of all the opportunities available to me in school, to avoid regret later.

I graduated with a Master's degree in Interior Architecture, with the goal of creating peaceful homes for my future clients and delivering exceptional experiences for them.

I worked for more than years as an Interior Project Manager and Architectural/Interior Designer, working on over 30 projects including single- and multi-family homes in LA, SD, and Seattle with outstanding firms and teams

I founded an herbal tea subscription business with a focus on Persian people in the US, based on the customers' choice or a suggested option with a 60% customer return rate, 30% subscription rate, and 70% profit margin.

“90% of first businesses fail, 90% of second businesses succeed;

80% of people don’t try for the second time!”

I put all my belongings in storage and went on a solo trip for a few months, I visited over 10 cities in the US and Mexico. my biggest takeaway was how to dance between my plans and unexpected situations, how to solve them, and keep going!

I quit my Architecture job and pursued a career in UX Design through GA, and it was one of the best decisions that I have made. Through studying, reading, interviewing, observing, designing, and prototyping, I discovered new insights about myself, which was like turning on the light in a dark room!



My recent 180-day solo journey across 15 countries, exploring 36 cities and countless landmarks, opened my eyes to the power of human experiences and interactions.
In these travels, I found a parallel between the intricacies of architecture and the world of UX design. Witnessing Michelangelo's artistry and diverse cultures reshaped my outlook, inspiring me to contribute to a team that crafts lasting solutions that genuinely resonate with people.

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