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The Easy Expense mobile app has 40,000 monthly active users and helps them keep track of their expenses, making life easier for both them and their accountants during tax season by providing clean and organized Excel or CSV files. To expand its offering, the company wanted to create a website dashboard that would appeal to existing users and attract new ones.

User Interviews

We interviewed 10+ active users to gain deeper insights into their experiences, needs, and preferences. Explored their behaviors, motivations, and frustrations related to the existing app and a website that doesn't exist!


Implement a feature categorizing all expenses based on categories.

Enable users to view their expenses quarterly, bi-annually, and yearly for a comprehensive financial snapshot.

Develop an intuitive dashboard offering a clear overview of a user's expenses.

Simplify the process of adding new expenses and efficiently managing existing ones.

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2023-02-24 14-17 1.png
2023-02-24 14-17 1.png
2023-02-24 14-17 1.png


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Current users were able to use our products to see their income and expenses, categorized in a clear way.


DetailedIncome View

Expense Categories Breakdown

Additional feedback:


  • More consistency

    • All cards on the dashboard with a title

    • Arrows to navigate to pages on all cards 

  • Need for budgeting option

    • How much of the budget is left

  • Changes to filter dropdown

    • Showing the month view as soon as you click the month in the dropdown

  • Additional categories

Based on users' feedback, we revamped the website by adding a dashboard to the side navigation menu. This update includes features from the mobile app, enhancing usability and ensuring consistency across platforms.


As you can see on the graph visualization, We added a title to the graph card, an option to set a budget for each month, and displayed it on the graph!

  • Added a title to the graph card

  • Shows the amount of budget remaining

  • Option to set budget, and budget displayed on the graph

Changes 02.JPG

We added an arrow to lead to the categories page, rather than having “view all” and changed the style of the arrow to be cohesive with the app
We also made sure that the clickable area was expanded, which is shown with the dotted lines

We removed the dropdown filter from the main dashboard page which was causing a lot of confusion because the filter would be available once you click on any of the cards.
We also changed the title to “View Summary” rather than “Monthly Totals”


Based on user feedback, we found that the “Categories” section was difficult to locate for all 3 users and would like to create a separate card for “Categories” in the future. We also would consider applying UX best practices to the icons (such as the chat/help function, arrows, and sliders) as well as the typeface choices for the numbers and text. We would also make sure to keep the site consistent between pages and between web and mobile as it is built out further.

Next Steps.JPG


  • Made a separate “Categories” card

  • Made sure the navigation sidebar was the correct width earlier in the process in order to correctly size and space our cards

  • Scheduled more usability tests with current users

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