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Kym's Kiddy Corner

WEB UX | UI Redesign

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UX Designer
UI Designer




2 weeks

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Revamping Kym's Kiddy Corner online store!


Creating a fresh, user-friendly interface that streamlines shopping, offers smart navigation, and smooth checkout.

Secret sauce:

Research-driven design for clear categories, custom suggestions, and an easy-breezy checkout.

The aim:

A snazzy, personalized shopping hub that boosts sales and makes shopping a joy!


Define & Understand

  • Define the ask & business goals

  • Understand the user & their needs (i.e. user research)

Plan & Ideate

  • Implement an action plan based on the research, business & user needs

  • Start exploring ideas to deliver on the action plan (i.e. benchmarking)

Design, Ship… Reiterate

  • Execute chosen idea/design across the product

  • Test, handoff & ship the product (i.e. quality assurance)


I used a Human-Centered Design approach to understand the behavior of people who shop online for kids. I selected my users from among those who have kids and who don’t but wants to buy gifts for other kids, 25-40 years old.
My goal was to help them with what they needed and identify things they may not have realized they needed.

P2- Affinity MAPPING 1.png

Affinity Mapping


  1. Modern UI

  2. Streamlined Shopping

  3. Easy checkout process

  4. Intuitive shopping experience

  5. Personalize Recommendation

How Might We

  • Help our customers to find different categories such as clothes, Toys, or Accessories!

  • Help our customers to find the products they want!

  • Suggest new things to them that they haven't been taught about!

  • Make their checkout process Quickly


  • 50% of our users do their shopping online

  • 100% of our users love Target and compare different shops with Target

  • 75% of our users prefer to have fewer options to avoid scrolling for hours randomly and to avoid confusion or distraction.

  • 100% of our customers believe that a visually appealing website is an indication of organization, which makes shopping easier.

  • 100% of our users want to be able to checkout with just a few clicks.

Since all 5 users mentioned and loved Target for its variety of options, and 2 out of 5 mentioned Anthropologie for its great UI and high-quality products, I decided to conduct a competitive analysis.

Competitive Analysis

Feature Analysis p2.png

Based on my research and interviews with users I  came up with this Site Map :


P2-Home Screen.png
P2-You might like.png
P2-product 2-Gray scale.png
p2-Order Page-gray.png

Usability Testing

Using my prototype, I recruited 5 participants to conduct remote moderate usability testing on my design.

During the test, I ask them to complete a series of tasks that helped me to understand their thought process and see if they could accomplish the MVP goal



Look for a gift for a girl


Check the other items they might like (suggestion)


Proceed with their purchase 


Ideas for next Iteration

50% of users had problems with the Back button location

30% of users had problem with the Font size 

20% of users had problem with finding the Home button 

Move the location of Back button to top left corner

Make the fonts bigger

Make the home button bigger and darker to make it easier to find and more accessible


Once I had completed the final design and revamped the User Interface to be modern, user-friendly, and intuitive which had been tested and refined a few times, I felt confident that I had addressed previous problems. I achieved this by categorizing different products based on gender, occasion, and type, and by implementing a suggestion option for new products based on previous orders. Furthermore, I made the checkout process easy and fast, and in the end, that made the shopping experience more enjoyable.

Final Design

In the end, Kym's Kiddy Corner became one of the most popular places to shop for children's items, and customers continued to return time and time again for an excellent shopping experience. The store owners were grateful for the redesign project, as it had helped them to increase sales, provide a better experience for their customers, and keep up with the changing times. And I was happy to have made a positive impact on the store and its customers. 😁


  • Be ready for change and don’t be precious about an idea.

  • Most people rather buy toys, than clothes!

  • Putting the user at the center of the design process was crucial for identifying pain points and preferences that would have been difficult to anticipate otherwise.

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